Your Child’s STEM Learning – Accelerated!

Thimble’s accelerated program covers our 48-month robotics and coding curriculum in 32 months - perfect for kids who enjoy building and coding electronics at a faster pace.


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More Hands-on Fun

Your child will receive a kit every 2 months (instead of 3) and learn to build and code their projects at a faster pace than the average Thimble student.

Live Build-Along Classes:

Live classes are held once a week for 60 minutes and taught by our elite STEM instructors. Intermediate and advanced topics are covered in class to extend the use of your child’s kit.

Lesson Library

Comes packed with hundreds of lessons and pre-recorded videos that are geared for extending the life of each kit your child receives.

Comparing Curriculums

YEAR 1 4 Kits
YEAR 1 6 Kits
YEAR 2 4 Kits
YEAR 2 6 Kits
YEAR 3 4 Kits
YEAR 4 4 Kits
YEAR 3 4 Kits


  • Monthly

  • Annual (Save $300 a year)

    $1,500 billed every 12 months