(Level 1)


An Apprentice in our curriculum is meant to be the very beginning of a student’s journey learning electronics, coding, engineering. While no experience is required, the student will learn the fundamentals and focus on becoming familiar with various sensors and programming languages such as C++.


Kit #1: Creator Set

This is the very first kit in our curriculum designed to teach beginner students the basics of engineering, robotics, and computer science. Students will be exposed to a variety of sensors, indicators, and actuators to learn electronics and coding with Arduino. This project was designed for beginners so that students can experience quick wins and relate to technology in a more personal way. By the end of this project, students will have used simple components in this kit to make a robot friend, night light, security alarm, kitchen timer, and other useful projects. 

Topics Covered in this Kit:

  • Arduino principles
  • Library installation
  • Kit unboxing
  • Robot Friend
  • Coding Basics 101
  • Nightlight
  • 8-bit Music Conductor
  • Doorbell
  • Intruder Alarm
  • Thermometer
  • Timer
  • LCD Backlight Disco
  • Timer

Kit #2: Robotics & Mechatronics

(Module 1 - The WiFi Robot)

The WiFi robot is the second kit that students receive as part of the Apprentice Level. The age of robots is upon us. They are in our homes, our workplace, and all around in the form of robots, driverless cars, and heavy duty machinery. This project introduces students to the world of robots, the mechanics behind them, and what it takes to build a robot from scratch.

Topics Covered in this Kit:

  • Introduction
  • Arduino principles
  • library installation
  • kit unboxing
  • infrared
  • Robotics Kit Hardware
  • Find the Motor Offset
  • Robotics Kit Software
  • How to Turn Off the Kit
  • Customizing your Web Server
  • Customizing your Robot
  • Adding Buttons to Web Server
  • Interrupts
  • First Time WiFi Module Setup

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Kit #3: Robotics & Mechatronics

(Module 2 - The Remote Controller)

This is the third kit in our Apprentice Level. Students will assemble a controller to drive their WiFi robot that they’ve built. Like the WiFi robot, this science kit also introduces students to the world of robotics, the mechanics behind them, and what it takes to build a robot from scratch.

Topics Covered in this Kit:

  • How to build a robot controller and use it to navigate their WiFi robot.
  • Fundamental theory, modeling methods, hardware components, interfacing requirements, simulation and programming tools, and practice applications of robotics and mechatronics.
  • Students will learn about infrared waves and create their own web server using HTML and CSS. 

Kit #4: Robotics & Mechatronics

(Module 3 - The Robotic Pen Plotter)

This is the fourth kit in the Apprentice Level. Students will be working off of Module 1 and 2 and add a servo and pen mount to turn their robot into a drawing bot.

Topics Covered in this Kit:

  • Hardware & Software Overview
  • Preparing the Level One Chassis
  • Preparing the Level Two Chassis
  • Combining the Chassis
  • Assembling the Pen Mount
  • Calibration
  • Drawing Simple Shapes
  • Drawing with the Controller
  • Introduction to Motors