Find The Best STEM Subscription Box For You And Your Children

With many different options for science project kits that are available today, it can be a challenge to choose the right one to invest your time and money in for your kids. At Thimble, we strive to provide you with tools and programs that are carefully designed and curated to help carve a path for your kid’s future.


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The Rising Demand of STEM Kits Paired With Live and On-Demand Instruction

The rise in demand for quality, STEM education enrichment at home has created an entire science kit industry promising to deliver. But not all kits fulfill their promises. Parents are searching for ways to leverage their child’s desire for screen time by balancing it with hands-on learning experiences. Thimble provides that balance and goes a step further by introducing a more personal and flexible approach to keep kids engaged: live and on-demand classes. When you’re ready to invest in your child’s STEM instruction, but don’t have the time or expertise to do it right, let Thimble get them started.

Comparing the Best
STEM Subscription Boxes

  • KiwiCo

    Kiwi Co. offers engineering kits geared toward children as young as six months. Their Panda and Koala crates are recommended for children 0-4 years old. At Thimble, we applaud early childhood STEM development. Starting early cultivates creative thinkers. But what’s the next step? Thimble’s aim is to put substantial coding, programming and robotics learning opportunities in front of children who have potentially outgrown their Kiwi kits. Our curriculum steers 10-18 year olds step-by-step from middle school to college level programming skills.

  • Creation Crate

    Creation Crate creates hands-on projects that focus on breadboarding while teaching users the ins and outs of C++ code. At Thimble, we explore C++ as well as multiple coding languages like Python, CSS, Java and HTML. Users are exposed to these different coding languages in tiered phases. Thimble gets kids excited about STEM learning like no other kit provider. Our unique live classes bring in celebrity guest speakers from well-known tech giants like Nintendo, Minecraft and Apple, to make future STEM careers authentic and relatable.

  • Bitsbox

    Bitsbox gives kids an inside look at how apps are coded everyday by programmers. Coding is a singular piece of the programming puzzle. Thimble kits illustrate the interaction between software and hardware. We walk your child through the process of coding actual devices (that they’ve built with their own two hands) to follow useful commands. Thimble partners screen time with tools and manipulatives to satisfy your child’s inner-tinkerer. We aim to entertain, while building valuable technology and coding skills that every kid can utilize in the real world.

  • Mel Science

    MEL Science provides one-time-use chemistry kits that explore the properties of matter, and physics kits that scrape the surface of engineering concepts. Both chemistry and physics are pillars of STEM learning. Thimble offers users the other end of the STEM spectrum with computer programming, electronics, and robotics. Many of our STEM kits are reusable, and have interchangeable components - allowing users with multiple kits to imagine endless possibilities for new and different creations.

Why Parents Choose Thimble

  • Live Classes

    Twice a week, your child participates in 60-minute build-along classes taught by experts formerly at giant tech companies.

  • Online Lessons

    Self-paced lessons are available on our learning portal for your child to work on projects at their own pace.

  • Go Beyond The Kit

    Build fun, practical toys and devices that are reusable and useful.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Will M.

    “Lots of excitement here in the McGhee household. I’m 49 and almost quit my job to apply to MIT when my son and I made the WiFi robot move! I had visions of Mars Rover 2.0 and interplanetary jetpacks! This is so needed right now!”

  • Drew S.

    “Thimble classes are perfect for my kids. I more or less threw them into the first class and they went to town. The zoom bomb session with the Nintendo game designer had my kids talking about their experience for days!”

  • Sarah H.

    “We love taking Thimble classes in our household. I also run the Pinhead Institute, which is a Smithsonian Affiliate, and we’re excited to bring hands-on learning to our students. They leave every class feeling inspired!”