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Course 204: Augmented / Virtual Reality Tech

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About this Course

Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology refers to computer-generated simulations that integrate the real world (AR) or are entirely self-contained (VR). This is the future!  

This course will guide you through soldering, assembling, and programming the IMU Game kit; IMU stands for inertial measurement unit. The final product will display virtual targets for you to shoot.  You aim by physically moving the project as if the targets were in real space. 

Topics covered

The Project

AR / VR tech kit: IMU GAME

You’ll receive everything you need to get started on your IMU game kit. Soldering is required for this project. 

Learn about Augmented reality

You’ll learn about augmented and virtual reality basics to prepare you for more advanced courses in gaming and design. 

Play Games like duck Hunt

Once you piece together your IMU game kit, you can program a variety of other simulations to practice playing in an AR environment.  

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Thimble is an online academy that makes it possible for students to take classes in robotics, coding, and game design taught by real teachers and industry professionals. 

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Thimble is for students ages 10+ (or grades 4+)

All students start with Course 101 which is an introduction to engineering and computer science. We believe all students need the basics before moving on to more advanced material. 

Your child’s first kit arrives several days after you become a member. You’ll receive another kit every 3 months. 

You’re at the right place! We created Thimble to teach beginners a basic understanding of robotics, computer science, and game design. We assume they have no prior knowledge. 

On average, a class takes 4-6 weeks to complete. However, lessons were designed so students learn at their own pace. 

Live build-along classes are held once a week to cover advanced topics. Live classes will also include special guests which include industry professionals from top tech and video game companies around the world. 

Pricing & Payment

The membership is $99 to join then it’s $29 / month which provides unlimited access to all classes, live build-alongs, and new classes as they launch. Project-based kits are delivered every three months. 

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