Intro Level – Engineering & Computer Science

Kit #1: Basic Circuits & Code

materials for robot project

Robot Friend

Use cardboard and cut out a template of your robot. Use a light sensor and servo motor to control your robot’s arm.

basic circuits and code

Night liGht

Use a light sensor to create a night light that turns on when it’s dark. Once you’re done, customize it anyway you’d like.

basic circuits and code


Make a clapper that turns an LED on and off using a clap or snap. Learn what other noises make your clapper work.

About this Project

This is the very first kit in our curriculum designed to teach kids the basics of engineering, robotics, and computer science. When you subscribe, this is the very first project you receive in the mail. 

Every engineer and computer scientist has a beginning. In this kit, you’ll start from ground zero. You’ll be exposed to a variety of basic sensors, indicators, and actuators to learn electronics and coding with Arduino. If you don’t know what these words mean or parts do, that’s okay. We designed this project for beginners so that you can experience quick wins and get hooked. By the end of this project, you’ll learn to use these simple components to make a robot friend, night light, security alarm, kitchen timer, and other useful projects. 

We find that if you don’t know the building blocks early on, it becomes difficult to comprehend the more advanced topics later down the line. Upon successful completion of this workshop, you’ll be prepared for the next kit in our curriculum series: the WiFi robot. 

On-demand lessons:  A monthly subscription to Thimble includes access to our learning portal which contains step-by-step lessons to help you build your project at your own pace.  Lessons contain pre-recorded videos, pictures, and written instruction. 

Live classes: A monthly subscription also includes live weekly classes taught by accredited STEM teachers. Classes are twice a week for 60 minutes and are conducted on Zoom. Live classes cover intermediate and advanced material not covered in our on-demand lessons and are a nice way to extend the life of your kit with dozens of hands-on activities . Upon subscribing, you will receive an email with instructions to sign up for live classes. 

Sampling a class: Not sure about live classes? No worries! Please send us a note at if you’d like to observe a class before you commit to a subscription. 

Topics covered

Other Projects in this Kit:

basic circuits and code

Music Conductor

Create a musical masterpiece by using a piezo buzzer.  Learn how to play a variety of tunes with simple notes. 

STEM project for kids


Create a doorbell by using a piezo buzzer and button sensor. Learn how to make your doorbell sound unique. 

intruder alarm project for kids

Intruder Detector

Use a light sensor and household materials to create a door activated alarm. No one can enter your room!

thermometer STEM project


Use an LCD display, button, and sensor to create a thermometer and measure the temperature. 

stem projects for kids

Kitchen timer

Build a programmable timer to keep track of time. Now you can help your relatives keep track of their cooking.

electronics parts

LCD Backlight Disco

Start a mini disco party by using a backlight from the LCD display and buzzer. Watch the cool colors glow! 

STEM kit on desk

Analog indicator

Create your own dial indicator by using a servo motor, light, temperature, and sound sensor.

electronics parts

Music Machine

Play a simple musical instrument by using a piezo buzzer, potentiometer, button and light sensor. 

electronics parts

Simon Game

Recreate the feel of the classic Simon Says game using an LCD display, button, and touch sensor.

Ready to get started? 

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Thimble is a monthly subscription-based curriculum and live video platform that teaches kids a basic understanding of electronics and computer science through weekly classes taught by experienced technology teachers. Hands-on kits are shipped every 3 months.   

A subscription to Thimble includes quarterly delivered kits, self-paced lessons, and weekly classes taught by real teachers and industry professionals on robotics, computer science, and game design. You also get access to our our dynamic community of students and educators around the world.

Thimble is for students ages 10+ (or grades 4+)

You’ll start with the Creator Set kit which is an introduction to engineering and computer science. We believe all students need the basics before moving on to more advanced material. 

Your first kit arrives 2-3 days after you subscribe. You’ll receive another kit every 3 months. 

In between kit deliveries, you will have access to self-paced lessons and virtual, live classes taught by seasoned technology teachers. 

You’re at the right place! We created Thimble to teach beginners a basic understanding of robotics, computer science, and game design. We assume you have no prior knowledge. 

On average, a kit takes 4-6 hours to complete. However, live classes cover intermediate and more advanced material that extend the use of each kit for up to 12 weeks.

Live build-along classes are held twice a week for 60 minutes to cover intermediate and advanced topics. Classes are taught by accredited technology teachers. Live classes will also include special guests which include industry professionals from top tech and video game companies. 

Thimble kits and classes explore subjects in engineering (mechanical, electrical, computer engineering), and science (computer science, video game design, climate) and more! These hands-on and live experiences are designed to spark a lifelong love for these subjects and teach skills often not taught in most elementary and secondary schools. 

We offer 4 monthly subscription tiers starting from $39.99 / month. The subscription includes self-paced lessons and live virtual classes taught by seasoned technology teachers. Kits will be delivered every three months. 

We hate to see you go, but you can cancel a monthly subscription anytime after the first kit ships by logging into your Thimble account. Auto-renewing subscriptions (pay every 3, 6 or 12 months) are only eligible for cancellation after the initial prepaid term has been completed.

We recommend a Mac, Linux, or PC (Windows 10 and up) to code Thimble kits. 

Chromebooks may be used but are often not as reliable – especially if they come from a school district or are outdated. 

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