Creator Set Kit


Perfect for beginners (ages 10+), this kit helps kids build and code 12 electronics projects, and includes 2 free, online classes with seasoned technology teachers.

Hands-on projects: night light, doorbell, robot friend, 8-bit music player, intruder alarm, LCD backlight disco, thermometer, kitchen timer, music machine, simon game, analog indicator, and clapper.



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Every engineer and computer scientist has a beginning. With this STEM kit, you’ll start from ground zero. You’ll be exposed to a variety of basic sensors and parts to learn electronics and coding. We designed this kit for beginners so that you can experience quick wins and get hooked. By the end of this project, you’ll learn to use these simple components to make a robot friend, night light, intruder alarm, kitchen timer, and other useful projects.

We find that if you don’t know the building blocks early on, it becomes difficult to understand the more advanced topics later down the line. Our kits contain step-by-step instructions and videos to help you build projects from start to finish. Upon successful completion of this kit, you’ll be prepared to tackle some of our more advanced kits.

Theme: Basic Circuits / Computer Science

Skill level: Ages 10+

Soldering required? No

Project duration: 3+ hours

Online classes included: 2