Build STEM Programs at your School that Inspire Students (and Teachers)

Whether it’s a hybrid STEM class, after school club, camp, or makerspace, Thimble helps expand STEM programs via hands-on kits, professional development, and ready-to-teach lessons. 

Covid Learning Loss Enhancements for Schools

Our STEM programs teach 21st century skills that help bring students back up to speed. Programs include robotics, coding, electronics, machine learning, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and other skills to help prepare your students for careers in tech.

How Do I Make Up For Learning Loss in
Meaningful and Useful Ways?

How Thimble's STEM Curriculum Works

Every child should feel inspired to create and think outside the box with hybrid STEM classes, hands-on kits, and build-alongs.

Train Teachers

Our team works with your teachers to ensure they feel comfortable teaching STEM in class. No previous experience needed.

Use in Multiple Settings

Easy to teach, ready-made STEM lessons are available for teachers to use in STEM classes, clubs, makerspaces, and more.

Endless Creations

Kits can be reused to create countless exciting outcomes and teach students current skills being used in high-paying careers.

Stop missing out on valuable opportunities due to lack of resources

Open doors to exciting opportunities and profitable career paths! Thimble’s STEM lessons were designed to be flexible, easy to teach, inspire students, and work well with your school’s curriculum.

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What School Are Saying?

Inspiring Lifelong STEM thinkers

Hybrid STEM Class

Gain access to Thimble's STEM lesson library filled with endless on-demand STEM classes that students can complete at their on pace.

Hands-On STEM Kits

Enjoy the unique line of interactive STEM kits based on things students want to learn about – like music, robots, and video games. Each kit is able to be reworked into countless different varieties with online classes accessible 24/7.

Teacher Support

Have our STEM education experts guide your teachers through the lessons and experiments. Now they can feel well equipped to successfully teach and support your students.

School STEM Program FAQs

STEM classes, after school clubs, camps, makerspaces, and community/neighborhood programs

We designed our curriculum and programs to make teachers feel comfortable teaching STEM in the classroom.  We assume teachers have no prior background. 

Yes – our beginner kits are reusable. Our more advanced kits involve soldering and are not as reusable but can be programmed endlessly