Small Group Tutoring for Robotics and Coding

Thimble’s small group enrichment program gives your child a more personalized learning experience with 6-12 students and our team of expert robotics and coding tutors.


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More Personalized STEM Learning Led By Our Elite Tutors

With our Small Group Enrichment program, your child will be matched with a STEM tutor and placed in a small group of 6-12 students. Group build-along classes are held once a week for 60 minutes. The tutor designs a personalized learning plan and provides weekly guidance on your child’s progress with their quarterly-delivered STEM kits.

The Curriculum

YEAR 4 Kit 16       Drones & Aerodynamics (Mini Drone)
Kit 15       Advanced Robotics (Soldering a WiFi Remote Control Car)
Kit 14       LED Technology (LED Cube)
Kit 13       AR / VR Technology: IMU Game
YEAR 3 Kit 12     Music & Acoustics (Piano Synthesizer)    
Kit 11     Video Game Technology (RGB Controller)    
Kit 10     Smart Home Technology (WiFi Light Switch)    
Kit 9     GPS & Navigation: LED Compass    
YEAR 2 Kit 8   Climate Science & Tech (Weather Station 3)      
Kit 7   Climate Science & Tech (Weather Station 2)      
Kit 6   Climate Science & Tech (Weather Station 1)      
Kit 5   Robotics & Mechatronics Pt. 4 (Robotic Arm)      
YEAR 1 Kit 4 Robotics & Mechatronics Pt. 3 (Pen Plotter)        
Kit 3 Robotics & Mechatronics Pt. 2 (Remote Controller)        
Kit 2 Robotics & Mechatronics Pt. 1 (WiFi Robot)        
Kit 1 Intro to Coding & Engineering        
  Grade 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

What’s Included:

  • 1 STEM kit delivered to your home every 3 months
  • Weekly group coaching (4 live classes per month–1 hr. Each)
  • Delivered by elite dedicated tutors assigned to your child
  • Enhanced student engagement based on hands-on learning
  • Lesson library with hundreds of tutorials and pre-recorded videos
  • Weekly challenges
  • Progress report
  • Class size: 6-12 students

For a limited time only, GET $10 OFF your first purchase!

How It Works

  • Subscribe

    Your first kit will arrive in just 2-3 days. Subsequent project kits will be shipped to your home every 3 months.

  • Live Classes

    Twice a week, your child participates in 60-minute build-along classes taught by experts formerly at giant tech companies.

  • Online Lessons

    Self-paced lessons are available on our learning portal for your child to work on projects at their own pace.

  • Go Beyond The Kit

    Build fun, practical toys and devices that are reusable and useful.


  • Monthly

  • Annual (Save $300 a year)

    $2,700 billed every 12 months