When School Isn’t Enough, Supplement Your Child's Education with STEM Courses & Hands-on Kits from Thimble.

Thimble’s monthly STEM kit and class subscription is the perfect way to supplement your child’s learning at home by keeping their minds sharp with hands-on projects, passionate teachers, and a community of inventive kids.


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Reignite their Love of Learning

Whether it’s providing enrichment for a budding engineer in the family, augmenting instruction from a low performing school, or nurturing the creative expression that a structured school environment may stifle, Thimble helps kids discover their passion in technology through open-ended exploration

Solutions to Improve Supplemental Learning

Parents default to virtual camps, toys, and games to supplement their child’s learning outside of school. Some parents call this kind of learning hybrid homeschooling, after school skill building, or enrichment. These activities boost academics and foster close family bonds.

How Thimble helps Supplement your Child’s STEM Education at Home

Thimble’s kit and class subscription spark a love for learning and for tinkering - a valuable trait that puts your children ahead of their peers all the way through college. Thimble is your one-stop-shop to provide your kids with STEM educational supplements and enrichments activities year-round.

For a limited time only, GET $10 OFF your first purchase!

(1) Most youth (65–85%) reported increases in STEM engagement, identity, career interest, career knowledge, relationships, critical thinking, and perseverance, with the largest gains reported by those engaging with STEM activities for 4 weeks or more; (2) there were significant, strong correlations between STEM and SEL/twenty-first-century outcomes reported by youth; and (3) youth participating in higher-quality STEM programming reported more growth than peers participating in lower-quality programs.

Projects Align To National Curriculum Standards

  • Build 12 mini projects, such as nightlight, doorbell or intruder alarm

  • Control a remote control robot from a phone, tablet, or computer

  • Measure the units of weather and learn to pull up the local forecast

  • Build a game controller and play games like Pong or Snake

  • Assemble a mini keyboard and play tunes or make your own sounds

  • Control the lights in your home from a phone, tablet, or computer

How It Works

  • Subscribe

    Your first kit will arrive in just 2-3 days. Subsequent project kits will be shipped to your home every 3 months.

  • Live Classes

    Twice a week, your child participates in 60-minute build-along classes taught by experts formerly at giant tech companies.

  • Online Lessons

    Self-paced lessons are available on our learning portal for your child to work on projects at their own pace.

  • Go Beyond The Kit

    Build fun, practical toys and devices that are reusable and useful.