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Great resource for our teachers

Thimble sent the STEM kits for our students and got on a few calls to teach the material to our teachers. Really great experience!

Martin Smith

Everyone is a fan!

Our parents, students, and teachers are all very impressed with the materials and online classes. We have been using Thimble for 6 months and are big fans!

Joshua William

On-demand classes are impressive

We don't have any STEM teachers or programs; we added Thimble's on-demand classes and it has been a game changer. Endless classes the kids are really enjoying.

Cathy Jenkins

Virtual and in-person STEM learning

Really loving the ability to offer such high-quality STEM choices to both our virtual and in-person students.

Veronica White

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  • The Department of Education recently invested $540 million in STEM education.


  • In the next 10 years, it’s estimated that there will be over 821,300 STEM job openings.


  • Despite representing 35% of college undergraduates, Black and Latino students represent just 25% of STEM degree earners.


  • Currently, federal investment in diversifying STEM education and opportunity focuses on the college level and higher, with less funding dedicated to K-12 education.


  • 67% of all new jobs are in the fields of Computer Science + IT.

    Source:, NSF, Area Council Economic Institute

  • Only 45% of schools currently teach Computer Science and IT.

    Source:, NSF, Area Council Economic Institute

  • Only 33% of Title 1 schools currently teach Computer Science and IT.

    Source:, NSF, Area Council Economic Institute

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Inspiring Lifelong STEM Thinkers

Educators and parents are searching for ways to leverage their student's desire for screen time by balancing it with hands-on learning experiences. provides that balance and goes a step further by introducing a more personal and flexible approach to keep kids engaged with live and on-demand classes.

Our STEM kits are perfect for:

- Beginners (ages of 9-18) interested in robotics, coding and video game design
- Kids interested in STEM subjects that are limited or not offered at school
- Tinkerers who are considering STEM as a potential school or career interest

School STEM Program FAQs

  • What grade levels are your STEM programs for? STEM Kits are designed for students grades 4-12.
  • Where can STEM kits be used?
    Our kits can be used in classrooms, STEM classes, after school clubs, camps, makerspaces, and community/neighborhood programs.
  • Is this difficult for teachers to learn?
    We designed our curriculum and programs to make teachers feel comfortable teaching STEM in the classroom. We assume teachers have no prior background.
  • Are the STEM kits reusable?
    Yes – our beginner kits are reusable. Our more advanced kits involve soldering and are not as reusable but can be programmed endlessly.
  • How many students do you recommend per kit?
    We recommend 1-2 students per kit.

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