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Level 1

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Our Level 1 curriculum is meant to be the very beginning of a student’s journey learning electronics, coding, engineering. No experience is required! The student will learn the fundamentals and become familiar with various sensors and programming languages, such as C++.

  • Kit #1: Creator Set

  • Kit #2: Robotics & Mechatronics - (Module 1 - The WiFi Robot)

  • Kit #3: Robotics & Mechatronics - (Module 2 - The Remote Controller)

  • Kit #4: Robotics & Mechatronics - (Module 3 - The Robotic Pen Plotter)



Level 2

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Level 2 will start off with students building a robotic arm to add to their WiFi Robot. This level will be complemented by the addition of a new project that introduces students to Weather and Agricultural Technology. Students will interact with familiar components and learn how to apply them in creative ways. 

  • Kit #1: Robotics & Mechatronics - (Module 4 - The Robotic Arm)

  • Kit #2: Climate Science & Technology - (Module 1 - Weather Station Sensors)

  • Kit #3: Climate Science & Technology - (Module 2 - Remote Sensing, Internet Protocols, and Internet Services)

  • Kit #4: Climate Science & Technology - (Module 3 - Rain Gauge Design, Magnets, and Magnetic Fields)


Level 3

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Students that have made it to Level 3 will add the finishing touches to their Weather Station and explore other subject areas in technology such as smart home technology, video game construction and design, and music and audio engineering – introducing skills such as soldering and more advanced programming.

  • Kit #1: Climate Science & Technology - (Module 4 - Base Station & Weather Proofing)

  • Kit #2: Smart Home Technology - (WiFi Light Switch)

  • Kit #3: RGB Video Game Controller & Design Concepts

  • Kit #4: Arduino MIDI Controller Piano


Level 4

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Level 4 pushes the boundaries on all things tech - including hardware, software, soldering, and data analysis. The kits at this level require time, effort, critical thinking, and an understanding of the fundamentals of engineering and coding. Most skills learned in this tier are high school and college level material (Advanced Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering).

  • Kit #1: Augmented & Virtual Reality - (IMU Game Kit)

  • Kit #2: RGB LED Cube

  • Kit #3: Advanced WiFi Robot

  • Kit #4: GPS & Navigation - (LED Compass Kit)

Train Teachers

Our team works with your teachers to ensure they feel comfortable teaching STEM in class. No previous experience needed.

Use in Multiple Settings

Easy to teach, ready-made STEM lessons are available for teachers to use in STEM classes, clubs, makerspaces, and more.

Endless Creations

Kits can be reused to create countless exciting outcomes and teach students current skills being used in high-paying careers.

Having a product like in the classroom is important to enhance those soft skills [like problem-solving and critical thinking] students need. It's also important to get the hands-on learning component. I have students that love coming to school every day because they're using kits, and they love working with robotics, putting things together, and learning how to use those step-by-step instructions. As an educator, you get to see the aha! moment when students hear a noise come out of the machine or when they program it to talk to them. Getting to see those moments with those students has been priceless.

We've seen a lot of STEM interest growth by having the kits in our curriculum here at Caldwell. We have kids not only thinking, 'Hey, I can go straight into the workforce, but also, I could do this straight into college!' We've made those connections with the workforce and colleges in our area, showing them that this can be used here in real life.

Katrina B. / Caldwell Exempted Village Schools, Ohio

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