How to Make an Epic Lightsaber With Paper and LEDs

Oscar Pedroso Parents

LED circuit for creating a lightsaber
Learn how a circuit works

Everyone knows what a light switch does, but do your kids know the science behind how the switch controls the light?

Teach them the “how” while you have some fun with our lightsaber paper circuit tutorial, a DIY project that you and the kids can work on together!

  • Project Length: 30-45 minutes
  • Recommended for Ages: 10+

May the fourth be with you! In honor of this special day, we’re excited to teach you how to make a lightsaber that you and your kids can build together. This project will not only teach how a circuit works in its simplest form, but it will also give your child their first behind-the-curtain look into the world of electronics. There is no programming or soldering involved in this one, making it a great starter project for beginners with little or no electronics experience.

We love to use this paper circuits project to give kids an easy introduction to circuits using simple materials: all you need is our print out, a battery, copper tape, and LEDs. The materials for this project are affordable (about $15) and available on Amazon or in your local craft/hobby electronics stores. The nice part about the print out is that if you mess up, it’s easy to recycle and print a new copy.

Click here to get started with the full tutorial on our learning platform.

If you’re a Thimble customer, you’re in luck, and might already have some of the parts on hand. The Creator Set or the Stater Set include LEDs in three different colors that you can use for your lightsaber, and if you happen to still have our Piano kit, you already have the copper tape that you need for this project.

Are you a Jedi or a Sith? We’d love to see the lightsaber color you chose in the comments!

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