Paper Planes: Free STEM Project Idea

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Make Paper Airplanes
Making paper airplanes with Thimble

Building paper planes is practically innate to childhood. From the basic plane to design to the most advanced, this roundup of resources will give you and your family (or students) a bunch of fun designs to test. Grab a piece of paper and get to folding! Plus, if you’re extra motivated – build a wind tunnel using household items to test the aerodynamics of your designs.

Fold’N Fly


Another great resource for paper plane designs (and some origami) is OrigamiWay. We particularly like their easy to read ratings of Airtime, Speed, Distance, and Stunts. The presentation style is also excellent and easy to follow. Even though their database isn’t quite as exhaustive as Fold’N Fly, it’s still a great resource and worth a look.

Paper Airplane Wind Tunnel

Finally, once you have picked your design and you’re ready to fly, why not build a paper airplane wind tunnel? This Instuctables guide takes you through how to design your own open loop wind tunnel from household parts from a design based on the same ones NASA uses.