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Robotics Series – TH-202/203 Robotics and Mechatronics

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Our robotics kits
4 robotics kits combine into one large robot

We have been loving the feedback we’ve received on our Robotics and Mechatronics series of kits and thought we’d give you a sneak peek at everything it covers.

Robot Kit 1 – RC Car

The first in the series is a robotic car that you can control via WiFi. Build it, code it, and play with it! The WiFi module on the car will serve its own webpage, allowing you to connect from your phone, tablet, or laptop, to control the way the robot moves. This kit serves as the foundation for the rest, both in learning and as a physical base to build off of. Utilize the robot’s motor encoder wheels to make a closed-loop feedback system. And, of course, have fun driving your robot around.

Robot Kit 2 – Controller

Although controlling the robot from any WiFi-enabled device with a web browser is cool, RC cars with dedicated controllers are fun to use as well. Delve into the world of UDP packets, the internet OSI model, and build your own physical controller. We’ll use this controller in future kits as we build on to our robot!

Robot Kit 3 – Drawing Robot

Now we’re ready to start building up. This kit includes a second-level platform to add on to your robot and a couple of new electronics modules to let you control even more motors. Grab a servo motor and a pen, pencil, or maker, to turn your robot into a drawing machine! Learn about motor control systems, feedback loops, and draw to your heart’s content! Plus, learn about morse code and how to have your robot draw out messages for you to read.

Robot Kit 4 – Robotic Arm

As we draw to a close on this series, it’s about time your robot did something to really help you! Power-up your robot with an arm and gripper attachment so it can roam around, pick things up, and put them down! Learn about state of the art robotic arms and robotics. Take this knowledge and program your arm to do repetitive tasks!

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