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8 Great STEM Kits For Your Children To Improve Their STEM Skills

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Once a kid gets started in STEM, their next goal becomes improving their skills and developing more techniques and understanding. STEM kits are great for improving STEM skills because they come in a variety of difficulty levels, and because many of them include reusable or modular parts that lets kids get creative and try their own unique projects. Here are 8 awesome …

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How to Use a Breadboard

Lily Dodge STEM Projects

Are you hoping to get started with electronics projects, but you don’t have a breadboard, soldering iron, or other materials needed to built your own circuits? Don’t worry! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to use electronics! But first, let’s go over how to use a breadboard.  Breadboards make it easy to build connections and develop …

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Arduino Projects for Kids

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Simple Arduino Projects for Kids It’s not always easy to get kids excited about engineering projects – when things are too difficult, young students can get frustrated and overwhelmed and may be tempted to give up. Here at Thimble, we’ve found that the key to keeping students engaged in STEM learning is to provide projects with just the right level of …

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Becoming the Next Elon Musk: Robotics Projects for Kids

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Who doesn’t dream of being able to create awesome robots that can obey your every command? From Tony Stark’s sleek workshop in The Avengers to the helpful household robots in The Jetsons, robotics have captured our imagination for generations. Fortunately for us living in the 21st century, robots are no longer science fiction – there are real people doing groundbreaking work in this …