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Project Based Learning for Every Age: Why PBL Works, and How You Can Bring It To Your Classroom

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What IS project based learning?  The formal definition of project based learning, according to PBLWorks is: “Project based learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem or challenge.” PBLWorks In real-people speak:  Project based learning is …

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A Celebration of Girls in STEM: Making Engineering HERstory

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March is Women in History month. Here at Thimble, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to celebrate some of the girls in STEM who have made strides in pushing innovation forward.  (Specifically girls in engineering – because Thimble and engineering are BFF’s – forever.) While we love celebrating the work that women and girls have contributed to the world around us, we …

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STEM Kits for elementary: How to get kids into STEM (as a Teacher) and best STEM Kits for elementary

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STEM kits are all the rage. (Trust us – We’re completely unbiased experts).  But these STEM kits are not one size fits all, as many parents and teachers find out the hard way.  Sometimes those who purchase STEM kits for elementary students receive them only to find out they really should’ve been marketed to older students. As a teacher, I don’t know …

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Best STEM Internships for High School Students

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The word “internships” is synonymous with the college experience. Believe it or not, high school internships are a thing!  If your high school student is set on continuing their STEM education after graduation, there are valuable STEM internships for high school students that can boost their college application, future employment resume, and their confidence in the workplace. Some of these STEM internships are paid.  (So their summer job may not have them coming home …

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40+ STEM Scholarship Opportunities for 2021

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You should know STEM occupations bring in more money, on average than non-STEM jobs.  This knowledge makes STEM majors an easy sell to parents scouting colleges with their STEM-loving high school seniors.  But you know what’s not an easy sell?  That tuition breakdown.  Sticker-shock is an understatement. So what’s the solution? Answer:  A STEM Scholarship. (Hip! Hip! Hooray! Three cheers …

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How to Plan Project-Based Learning Lesson Plans

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Project-based learning lesson plans are one of the most labor-intensive undertakings for any educator.  It’s tough to create lesson plans that are relevant and achievable. And it’s even tougher when those lessons have to be hands-on, collaborative, and meaningful.  It’s a lot of work to create the lesson, set up a realistic timeline, and lead students to “big ideas” that they can …

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STEM Supplies: Ultimate Shopping List for your School

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As a classroom teacher, choosing to purposefully integrate STEM into your daily curriculum is only the first step in preparing students for STEM literacy.  The next big question will address engagement:  How do you make STEM fun? The answer is:  STEM classroom supplies! Create an action-packed, hands-on, age-appropriate arsenal of lessons in science, math, and engineering activities that integrate supplies …