Aziz Ahmad, Founder of SuperKids & CodersTrust, joins’s Board of Directors

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This article highlights a significant development in STEM education with welcoming Aziz Ahmad, the esteemed Founder of SuperKids and CodersTrust, to its Board of Directors. This partnership signifies a major step forward in Thimble’s commitment to revolutionizing inclusive and progressive STEM education worldwide.

Ahmad’s involvement aligns with the shared vision of empowering individuals with essential skills for success in today’s digital world. His experience in enabling access to tech education, especially in underserved communities, demonstrates his valuable contributions to the field. His integration into Thimble’s Board is expected to enhance the company’s ability to simplify complex concepts, stay updated with tech trends, and support teacher professional development.

Furthermore, the collaboration between CodersTrust and aims to introduce robotics education to students in Bangladesh through the SuperKids program. This initiative seeks to provide modern STEM education opportunities to schools across Bangladesh, ensuring students’ access to innovative learning experiences regardless of their educational institution., as an educational technology company, focuses on providing comprehensive hands-on STEM education for grades 4-12. The company’s curriculum emphasizes engagement and relevance, encouraging problem-solving, computational thinking, and teamwork skills development.

CodersTrust, on the other hand, is a global EdTech organization dedicated to providing skill-oriented education and workforce development to over 90,000 learners in multiple countries, focusing on transforming underprivileged communities, especially youth and women, by equipping them with digital career skills.

The combined efforts of Aziz Ahmad’s expertise,’s commitment to inclusive STEM education, and the partnership with CodersTrust reflect a promising trajectory toward enhancing STEM education accessibility and relevance on a global scale.

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