Caldwell Exempted Village School District

How an Ohio school district inspired a 40% increase in STEM engagement in a single year with

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Caldwell Exempted Village School District is increasing enrollment in STEM electives, strengthening soft skills, and reinforcing student-centered learning by adopting a carefully created robotics and coding curriculum from

Breaking Barriers: Empowering 5 Million in STEM

Jessica Allison Case Study, CSR, Pillar Post, success stories, Uncategorized Leave a Comment and Edufront’s Partnership for Accessible STEM Education Serves as a Model for Corporate Social Responsibility What is Corporate Social Responsibility, and Why Should You Care? School districts nationwide are incorporating social responsibility into their character, citizenship, and civics education programming.  When these students hit college, however, this basic “social responsibility” lesson turns into Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR.   CSR …