boy and girl building robots at table

What are STEM Toys? And is STEM Good for Kids?

Joe Wolf Parents

What are STEM toys? While it might feel like we’re living in a year where time has ceased to function appropriately, our calendars don’t lie: the holidays have arrived. And even in a year as tiresome and encumbering as 2020, there’s no holding back Santa Clause. This holiday season, you can put Santa to shame and give your kids something …

dad, son, and daughter in front of computer building STEM projects

Remote Learning: What is It and How Effective Can It Be?

Joe Wolf Education

At this point in 2020, the term remote learning might be more ubiquitous than oxygen. When COVID-19 spread across the globe, schools faced a Shakespearean-like decision: To close, or not to close – that was the question. Luckily, the health and safety of students, teachers, and staff members prevailed in most places. Schools closed their doors on in-person learning and …

teacher creating paper chairs from scratch

How to Plan Project-Based Learning Lesson Plans

Rebecca Gray Education

Project-based learning lesson plans are one of the most labor-intensive undertakings for any educator.  It’s tough to create lesson plans that are relevant and achievable. And it’s even tougher when those lessons have to be hands-on, collaborative, and meaningful.  It’s a lot of work to create the lesson, set up a realistic timeline, and lead students to “big ideas” that they can …

kids learning together in a microschool setting

What are Micro-schools?

Joe Wolf Homeschooling

COVID-19 brought substantial changes to how, when, and where we educate our students. As school districts shifted to digital means of instruction and learning, alternatives like pandemic pods and micro-schools popped up on the radar. And while pandemic pods are indicative of the times, the latter aren’t necessarily a new phenomenon (even though COVID-19’s made it seem that way). What are They? There isn’t one common definition of a micro-school (also sometimes referred to …

parent multitasking trying to keep kids entertained and studying

Tips for Handling Teacher Burnout

Joe Wolf Education

Teacher burnout is as real as your favorite troublemaker student’s perfect attendance record. Today, burnout’s even more common. You know you’re overworked, you know grading 175 papers in two days is what we might call “long-term unmanageable.” You know the troubles that exist within your school and its larger district. And you work hard anyway because you care. So before …

school supplies for STEM

STEM Supplies: Ultimate Shopping List for your School

Rebecca Gray Homeschooling

As a classroom teacher, choosing to purposefully integrate STEM into your daily curriculum is only the first step in preparing students for STEM literacy.  The next big question will address engagement:  How do you make STEM fun? The answer is:  STEM classroom supplies! Create an action-packed, hands-on, age-appropriate arsenal of lessons in science, math, and engineering activities that integrate supplies …

teacher teaching a group of students

How to Build a STEAM Curriculum

Joe Wolf Education

Designing a STEM, STEAM, or STREAM (the latter two incorporating “Arts” and “Reading,” respectively) curriculum doesn’t have to be difficult, even though it might seem like a daunting task. With future STEM career opportunities only expected to grow, now’s the perfect time to explore how you can help your students develop STEM skills. So, ready to craft your curriculum? We’ve …

Teacher guiding students through a STEM project

STEM Classroom: Effective Design, Implementation, & Tips for Improvement

Rebecca Gray Education

An alarming percent of educators report feelings of intimidation and a lack of confidence in STEM education. Creating a STEM classroom, developing a standards-aligned curriculum, and then initiating and maintaining student engagement is overwhelming. Take into consideration an educator who doesn’t have a strong STEM background, and the task can become even less feasible. Half-hearted attempts are a disservice to our students and our …