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STEM Homeschool Curriculum: What’s Best for your Child?

Joe Wolf Homeschooling

Homeschooling isn’t a thing of the past. In 2019, 2.5 million children were homeschooled in the United States. Today, that number has nearly doubled. Pandemic or no pandemic, there’s an avid interest in alternative forms of education. While homeschooling offers plenty of advantages, building strong homeschool lessons can feel overwhelming. To help, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to incorporating effective STEM teaching into your student’s at-home …

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Best Online STEM Courses for Remote Learning

Joe Wolf Homeschooling

Not only do STEM job opportunities abound, but the availability of online courses for STEM education is second-to-none. Whether you’re a student in search of some extra learning, a parent looking for online classes that your student(s) will enjoy, or a teacher on the lookout for digital classroom resources and/or lesson extensions, we’ve taken the time to put together a few worthwhile resources that you can explore. Let’s dive right in! …

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STEM Kits for elementary: How to get kids into STEM (as a Teacher) and best STEM Kits for elementary

Rebecca Gray Education

STEM kits are all the rage. (Trust us – We’re completely unbiased experts).  But these STEM kits are not one size fits all, as many parents and teachers find out the hard way.  Sometimes those who purchase STEM kits for elementary students receive them only to find out they really should’ve been marketed to older students. As a teacher, I don’t know …

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Best Online STEM Activities for Distance Learning

Joe Wolf Homeschooling

The jury’s still out on whether or not students will return to in-person learning before the end of the school year. Some states’ school districts opened their doors back in August, while others opted for remote learning. Districts trying to return to the classroom have also faced understandable pushback given COVID-19’s continued presence. Is your student still learning from home? No problem. We’ve put together a collection …

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Best STEM Internships for High School Students

Rebecca Gray Education

The word “internships” is synonymous with the college experience. Believe it or not, high school internships are a thing!  If your high school student is set on continuing their STEM education after graduation, there are valuable STEM internships for high school students that can boost their college application, future employment resume, and their confidence in the workplace. Some of these STEM internships are paid.  (So their summer job may not have them coming home …

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What STEM Teaching Tools Should You Have in Your Toolbox?

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Like any content area, STEM presents its own challenges. STEM careers have reached the zenith of opportunity, while education still lacks in primary and secondary schools. This isn’t teachers’ faults — it’s just where we’re at. Ask schools how much they have in the bank for extra resources and, 9 times out of 10, you probably have that same amount in your wallet. …

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40+ STEM Scholarship Opportunities for 2021

Rebecca Gray Parents

You should know STEM occupations bring in more money, on average than non-STEM jobs.  This knowledge makes STEM majors an easy sell to parents scouting colleges with their STEM-loving high school seniors.  But you know what’s not an easy sell?  That tuition breakdown.  Sticker-shock is an understatement. So what’s the solution? Answer:  A STEM Scholarship. (Hip! Hip! Hooray! Three cheers …

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10 Tips on How to Be a Better STEM Teacher

Joe Wolf Education

Are you a STEM teacher? Looking to vamp up your game in the STEM classroom? Or maybe just thinking about some things you can do differently with pedagogy? Perfect. We have the rundown on teaching STEM and teaching it well. No matter where you’re at in your teaching career, this is the guide for you! Does Better STEM Teaching Just Mean Better Teaching? Yes …