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Thimble STEM Contest

Oscar Pedroso STEM Projects

Hi Thimblers,

In honor of National STEM Day on November 8th,  our team here at Thimble is running a contest to bring our students together and see who has what it takes to create a fun and/or useful project using components in their kits.


All Thimble subscribers may register for the Thimble STEM Contest.


If you’d like to participate, click on this link to sign up.


This contest is meant to challenge your creativity. Many of you have completed several Creator Set projects. Your goal is to combine 2 or more of the projects (and/or add your own individual elements) to create an even better project.


  • Any Thimble materials provided in sets like the Creator Set Kit or other individual projects.
  • Any Thimble code provided in our lesson library.
  • Common household items (if necessary) Ex: ramp, colored paper, light switch, music player, cups, etc.
  • A description of the materials provided in the Creator Set Kit and all twelve Creator Kit Projects can be found .

Here’s an example of a project if you’re having trouble thinking of one:
Combining the Doorbell, Intruder Alarm, and Timer projects, to design a project so that if a Doorbell is rung more than once in an interval of 5 seconds, the intruder alarm will play. However, if the Doorbell is only rang once, a nice doorbell sound will play. (Don’t try this one since it’s just an example)


Contestants will be judged in the following categories and scored out of a potential total of 20 points.

  • The Idea (5 points)
    • Did you follow the guidelines, using 2+ of the Thimble Projects?
    • Did you only use materials listed above?
  • The Implementation (5 points)
    • How much of the project were you able to build?
    • How well did your project work?
  • Creativity: (10 points)
    • This is the most important part of the rubric.

Here at Thimble, we’re all about innovating. Regardless of whether you completed your goal, we want to see how interesting and creative your project is. Whether you stick to the Creator Set Projects or venture into adding your own unique elements, we want you to be creative and think outside of the box. This category will be judged by contestants and judges. Everyone will be allowed to vote for their first, second, and third picks for the most creative projects. We will use your votes and judges’ votes to determine what we think are the most creative projects.


Contest begins: Friday, November 6

Contest ends: Saturday, November 21 at 11:59pm (PST)

Submissions: Please send a picture, video, or gif file of your project to by Saturday November 21 at 11:59pm (PST). 

On Tuesday, November 24th, we will hold a Zoom Meeting with all our contestants and our guest judges (to be announced). Each contestant will have 3 minutes to present and demonstrate their project to all the contestants and judges. At the end of the presentations, we will have anonymous voting among contestants and judges to declare the 1st and 2nd place prize winners.

Good Luck! If you have questions, please send them to

We believe in you and are looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Team Thimble!