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What’s the Best STEM Subscription Box for Kids?

Rebecca Gray Parents

Curious about a STEM subscription box for kids? There’s a lot of different monthly mailing services out there.  From Stitch Fix Kid’s fashion boxes to the Unicorn Dream Box subscription service for unicorn lovers (Yes –  that’s a real thing).  The options are varied and endless (and sometimes a little bit odd).  If you’re looking to commit to one for …

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Why Isn’t My Child Learning Robotics, Coding, and Game Design in School? (And What to Do About It)

Joe Wolf Homeschooling, STEM Projects

There’s no better time than now for primary and secondary STEM education. STEM-based career opportunities continue to grow, which means our young learners only benefit from quality time spent on STEM projects in school. So if this is true, then why isn’t your child necessarily learning as much as he or she can about robotics, coding, and game design? And what can you do about it? …

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STEM Toys VS STEM Projects

Oscar Pedroso Education

So, you’ve bought the most recent STEM toy for your kids.  Whether it’s a collaborative build or a basic science kit, it’s a better option for your child as the educational component is disguised by the fun in the process.  You build it together, incorporate the educational aspects, and then it’s complete.  Now what?   Even if you could repeat the …