Stem Education Conferences

STEM Education Conferences for Teachers to Attend in 2021-22

Rebecca Gray Education, Events, Homeschooling, Teachers

It’s inevitable that teachers, like other professions, sometimes lose their edge over time.  Policies, parents, and standardized testing can dull the excitement that launched you from your college graduation into a fresh classroom.  STEM education conferences are like the energy drink of your teaching career.  Reigniting your passion for the classroom can be difficult, but these gatherings, conventions and symposiums …

female teacher building various electronic projects with her students

10 Tips on How to Be a Better STEM Teacher

Joe Wolf Education

Are you a STEM teacher? Looking to vamp up your game in the STEM classroom? Or maybe just thinking about some things you can do differently with pedagogy? Perfect. We have the rundown on teaching STEM and teaching it well. No matter where you’re at in your teaching career, this is the guide for you! Does Better STEM Teaching Just Mean Better Teaching? Yes …

kids in middle school

STEM Teacher Success Story #1: Amherst Middle School

Oscar Pedroso Education, success stories

Look at those smiles! When we first met Library Media Teacher, Drew Schmidle, at Amherst Middle School, he came to us with a unique problem. Not only was he using various hands-on projects in the classroom, but he was also using quite a bit of them and was unsure whether he was providing a guided path for his students to …