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Thimble x Hackaday World Create Day

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This past weekend, Hackaday celebrated World Create Day, and Thimble joined in by hosting the local meetup at our HQ in Buffalo, NY.

World Create Day is one day a year where makerspaces world-wide come together to create. Hackaday, the organizer of the global event, is an awesome blog showcasing all types of cool tech projects (Thimble’s CTO/founder had a wind turbine project he worked on with a friend featured in 2010).

In 2014, Hackaday announced the launch of its annual Hackaday Prize, “a grand competition where thousands of hardware hackers, makers and artists compete to build a better future.” To help promote the Hackaday Prize, community makerspaces, and open source making in general, they launched World Create Day. This is Thimble’s second time being involved in our local #WorldCreateDay meetup and the first time we’ve hosted it at our offices.

Hackaday – World Create Day 2018

Hackaday reported over 100 spaces participated this year, and although we had relatively short notice in terms of time to plan, we had about 30 makers show up at our office, which is quite impressive for a last-minute event competing against St. Patrick’s Day in Buffalo (consistently touted as one of the top 5 cities for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations).

We had a demo table with all of our past kits, a soldering activity (build your own keychain flashlight), coding stations, a live build-a-long, a project build station, and served refreshments. A few attendees brought their own projects, and we had a blast catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Hackaday even featured us on their Twitter several times that day. We already can’t wait for next year’s World Create Day!

Below are some photos we took at the event…

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