man building robot with kids

How to Make a Robot at Home: Easy Project for Kids

Rebecca Gray STEM Projects

What’s up with that headline?  You can imagine the frustration a parent feels when their child asks them how to build a robot.  I think it’s written in the imaginary Handbook for Parenting that every kid asks their parents this question at least one time.  (It’s right there in Chapter 6: Unanswerable Questions Every Kid Asks.  It’s right beside, “If a …

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What Does STEM Stand For?

Rebecca Gray Education

STEM can be an intimidating topic for parents.  What does STEM stand for?  The easy answer to that question is to label each letter of the acronym.  So let’s do that:  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. See? Easy. Done.  We can end this blog post. Mic drop. *insert screeching brake sounds** We know what you’re thinking – “Yeah but, what …

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8 Great STEM Kits For Your Children To Improve Their STEM Skills

Lily Dodge STEM Projects

Once a kid gets started in STEM, their next goal becomes improving their skills and developing more techniques and understanding. STEM kits are great for improving STEM skills because they come in a variety of difficulty levels, and because many of them include reusable or modular parts that lets kids get creative and try their own unique projects. Here are 8 awesome …

child inserts electric wires into breadboard and Arduino

What is an Arduino?

Joe Wolf Tech

Today’s lesson: Arduino. What is it? Why is it? Where is it? How is it? We have the answers. Arduino is an open-source electronics platform. In the software world, open-source indicates something that can be modified by anyone. It’s “open,” with a design that’s publicly accessible. Arduino is a great introduction to programming for young engineers. It’s simple in design and easy to …

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What is Coding for Kids?

Rebecca Gray Education

We live in an incredibly technological world that continues to innovate beyond our wildest imaginations.  Some of today’s high-tech games and gadgets can have parents scratching their heads wondering, “How do they do that?”.  More often than not, the answer is: Coding. To someone with no STEM background, it seems there must be a Wizard of Oz style curtain somewhere. …

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Engineering for Kids

Oscar Pedroso Education

As STEM curriculums continue to grow in public school programs across the country, it is obvious that many parents will find them asking themselves the true effectiveness of this adaptive curriculum on their child’s education.  The acronym created for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), was not established until 2001.  Parents may remember the evolution of technology during their own time in …

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Easy STEM Activities for 5th Grade Students

Joe Wolf STEM Projects

Getting involved in STEM education doesn’t have to be hard! As STEM (or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education receives amplified attention across school districts, it’s important to understand the beauty behind STEM’s accessibility. STEM lessons or an expansive STEM project aren’t limited to older students. In fact, there are numerous STEM activities and projects geared toward younger learners. Interested in learning more? Check out Thimble’s quick …

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The Best 8th Grade Science Fair Projects

Rebecca Gray STEM Projects

8th Grade Science Fair Projects – Don’t make it harder than it has to be! It’s happened. Your eighth-grader brought home an assignment that can strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere.  It’s true. The science fair is upon us.  The teacher has given them a lengthy rubric outlining all the requirements and presentation methods their assignment must adhere to.  The scope of …

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How to Use a Breadboard

Lily Dodge STEM Projects

Are you hoping to get started with electronics projects, but you don’t have a breadboard, soldering iron, or other materials needed to built your own circuits? Don’t worry! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to use electronics! But first, let’s go over how to use a breadboard.  Breadboards make it easy to build connections and develop …